Using S/MIME or PGP

You have an existing public key infrastructure

Please ask your responsible person the send your root certificate, information regarding your keyserver and contact details to

Our root certificates and information regarding the keyservers can be found here.

You do not have an existing infrastructure

We have set up trust for many certification authorities (see below) and therefore we suggest that you request a certificate from oe of them.

Please note that some authorities offer demo certificates (class 0) that we do not trust.

After setting up the certificate, please send an email to Your certificate will then be imported into our system and is ready to be used.

To tell your computer to trust our certificates, please install them on your system. Here is a detailed description of the import.

Certificates of our users will be attached to the messages you receive.
Of course you can also query our keyserver to find our certificates.


For inquiries please contact
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Certification authorities we already trust


X509, S/MIME




TC TrustCenter (Class 1-4)


Thawte (Freemail, PersonalBasic, PersonalPremium)

CaCert (Class 1)

VeriSign (Primary CA Class 1-4)

Telekom (Root CA)

Commerzbank (Inhouse Root CA)