Notes for IKB PDFMail

What is PDFMail?

If a designated recipient of a message does not support either of the two standards (PGP or S/MIME), our SecureMail system will use PDF to protect the information.

The message itself is converted to PDF and any attachments are attached to that PDF.

Finally the PDF is protected with a password that is required to open the PDF.

This "open password" cannot be removed using the well known methods to remove other passwords used to protect a PDF from printing or being modified.

Password creation

A password is always valid for a combination of sender and receiver.

The sender can define a password to be used. In case he doesn't define a password and no password has been set in a former communication, one will be created automatically.

How do I get my password?

The sender has to tell you the password. Obviously it is not a good idea to simply send the password in another message.

Phone, fax or shot message (SMS) should be used to communicate the password.
Telephone is best, since one can be sure that the correct person receives the password.

Is there also a secure way to reply to such a message?

Yes. On the last page of the PDF, there is a button taht can be used to reply in a secure way.

You can also request a (secure) copy of your reply for your records.

Why PDF and not webmail?

When using webmail the customer or partner does not have the communication in his records.

Our PDFMail solution enables our customers and partners to keep track of the communication with us in their own systems.

Is a special PDF reader required?

We tested the solution using Adobe Reader versions 7.0.9 and 8.
Foxit Reader 2.0 does not support attachments in PDF documents. According to FoxIt this is planned for a future release.

We did not test any other PDF readers.